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GAUMATA enjoys an important place in our consistent Indian culture. Despite innumerable materalistic advantages, GAUMATA has been an indivisible part of our society. We have served, protected and nourished gaumata for several generations and centuries. Lord Krishna lifted GOVERDHAN to protect Gaumata and vrajvasi, He was named GOPAL for his love and care for Gaumata. Naturally, If we serve and take care of Gaumata, It pleases Lord krishna. Today when we got away of our cultural heritage, respect to the religion has disappeared. We have become lazy to our religious books and epics. As a result of this , condition of Gaumata , symbol of our religious faith, has been deteriorating day by day in our society. Presently the condition is poor and pitiable. They have become helpless and left without any support. This invited and led to cow-slaughter, An unpardonable sin, on our own land! They are killed everday and we are not actively aware of that. If we do nothing, there is our passive role in this disastrous misery of GAUMATA. The time has come to rise, and protect our Gaumata with proper shelter and nourishment. VRAJGAUSHALA is our humble effort to do so, and I as a chairman appeal you to take part in this pious SEVA YAGNYA. We will have to spread this message and do our part as early as possible in our villages, towns and cities, Then only we could make them survive, with them, our culture would also be saved along with the society and nation.

- Go. Vasantkumarji

Pu. Go. 108 Shree Vasantkumarji
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